What Questions are asked in a Construction Interview?

In many cases the amount you prepare for an interview is the difference between getting an offer and being shown the door. It’s a good idea to put some time aside for interview preparation.

Below we’ve put together some of the most common questions asked during a construction industry interview, to help you put together the perfect answer.

Tell us about yourself!

The chances are that this will be your opening question. So whether this is your first interview or your 100th interview, you should have a great answer prepared as this question is all about you! Ensure that part of your pitch gives a summary of the most relevant work back ground for the role.

What do you know about the company?

This question will really highlight if you have done your homework or not! Make sure you find out the following:

– What does the company do?

– Which markets or areas of service does it work in?

– Is it local, regional, national or international?

– What are the company’s core aims and values?

– Who are its main competitors?

– What is it currently shouting about on social media and on its website?

These are all ‘golden nuggets’ of information that could show that you care about the company you want to move into and emphasise why you want to work for them.

What is your understanding of the role?

This is a question to test your knowledge of the industry surrounding the company you are applying for and your role within it. You will need to have an accurate response without repeating the job description word for word. Describe the processes you would use on a daily basis to do the job properly.

Can you give an example of a challenge you have faced?

While this question may sound very general your best bet is giving an example relating to the industry wherever possible. If you have yet to gain experience in that industry think of a time you have dealt with a challenge in another industry. Keep your answer concise and spend more time talking about how you dealt with the challenge to give your interviewer an understanding of how you deal with problems.

What would you do if…?

Scenario-based questions are a classic tool used by interviewers to gather how you would plan to react in a situation of their choosing. You will need to rely on your wits to respond but don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer questions to clarify what the scenario is before you answer.

What would you consider your greatest strength?

When answering the question consider what the role requires. Highlight a strength that fits with the job description and what the company needs.

What would you bring to the role?

This is your chance to give a summary of your best attributes. Ensure you talk about the skills you have that are beneficial to the role along with any areas that you feel peaked your interviewer’s interest during the interview.

Questions for the employer

This is as much an interview for them as it is for you! This doesn’t mean you should bang a fist on the table and make demands but there are a few questions you may want to ask:

– What is the company culture?
– Is it a welcoming team?
– What career progression is available?

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