As we’ve all seen in recent news articles the UK’s construction industry is starting to suffer due to a shortage of Site Managers.

The ‘Building for Growth’ report by Lloyds Banking Group, shows a third of construction companies are failing to find qualified candidates for Site Manger roles which is causing our construction sites problems.

With figures for the industry showing a 34% shortage for Site Managers and Electricians, with Project Managers following closely behind on 33%, and Quantity Surveyors and Architects facing a 31% shortage there has unavoidably been a negative effect on the construction industry output.

The report surveyed the housing supply chain at SME Contractors, as well as major national developers, who said it was becoming a huge concern for the industry.

The reasons for the skills shortage across the industry as a whole, and in particular site manager roles, is said to be due to slow planning decisions, and growing public opposition to a number of new developments.

Earlier this year, the government announced it wanted to build over 1 million new homes across the country, before the end of the current parliament in 2020. However, the demand on housing is pushing up the average house price, setting new records in September – the biggest monthly rise since 2002. London saw the biggest rise with 6%, the rest of the UK saw a 5% rise.

To try to stop the skills shortage damaging the industry, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has launched the ‘Go Construct’ campaign, aiming to find 220,000 new people to work in construction over the next 5 years.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman, Home Builders Federation, said: “A shortage of skilled people has become the biggest concern and the industry is investing massively in training.

“If a positive policy environment and a stable economy can be maintained, the industry will continue to grow to deliver the Government’s ambition to build more homes and tackle our entrenched housing crisis.”

Despite this, the housing sector is offering a secure future for its workforce, with Residential Housing Building Site Managers with CITB/CSCS Black Manager cards being in great demand, and very well paid for their skills and expertise.

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