Trades workers at a greater risk than any other profession If you knew there was an illness that was killing thousands of construction workers, almost undetectable to the untrained eye; would you want to know the cause?

5 Things you must include in a Professional Construction CV With the internet full to the brim with CV writing tutorials, it can be hard to decide who to listen to. We’ve put together an essential Construction CV guide that will apply to you whether you are a Quantity Surveyor, a Tenant Liaison Officer, a […]

Is the Apprenticeship Levy beneficial to the construction industry? With the introduction of the governments new Apprenticeship Levy set to take place in April and the growing pressures of the skills shortage, we ask: can the new tax have a positive impact on the construction industry? So, what is the Apprenticeship Levy? In April all […]

Could women help solve the trades skills shortage? Figures released by AXA insurance in February highlighted a massive lack of gender equality in the construction industry; with women making up a mere 5.2% of the current trades workforce.  We’ve taken a look at the key statistics to demonstrate some of the main issues from the report […]

How do I complete my agency timesheet? Temporary employees at Ionic Recruitment need to complete paper timesheets to validate the hours or days they have worked for our client and to ensure they are paid at the end of each week. Completing your timesheet correctly is the most important part of your week! Here’s the […]

The Housing White Paper: a job half done The highly anticipated Housing White Paper released last week may have proved to be a bit of a disappointment for anyone expecting radical changes; however there are some points which are worth considering in the battle against the housing crisis.

What Questions are asked in a Construction Interview? In many cases the amount you prepare for an interview is the difference between getting an offer and being shown the door. It’s a good idea to put some time aside for interview preparation. Below we’ve put together some of the most common questions asked during a […]

How do I write a CV for a Trades job? Your potential new boss in the construction industry will be expecting something different to what you might find on ordinary CV tutorials. See our top tips to help you find more work!

Life in the office can be nothing but distractions – Jen, our in-house expert of ionic’s new ‘Office Support Division’ gives her fundamental tips to keep you and your team firing on all cylinders