Year 10 students at Stockport Academy were treated to a visit from Ionic Recruitment, a leading Construction, Social Housing and Maintenance Recruitment Agency to learn all about the world of entrepreneurship and offer advice on careers in construction.

Martyn Makinson, Managing Director at Ionic Recruitment, based in Warrington, visited the Academy to take part in the Founders4School Role Model Event. He was invited to take part thanks to an impressive CV, which includes over 18 years’ experience of operating within a wide range of industry sectors on a global scale. The event is designed to help students understand what entrepreneurs do and showcase entrepreneurship as a high impact career choice.

Speakers at the event presented to the students on the subject of careers and discussed how a school education facilitated their entrepreneurial journey. Martyn also addressed the benefits of choosing a career in the construction industry, the large volume of construction jobs and the current skills shortages within the sector. The presentation was also opened up to a Q&A.

Danny Cheetham, Teacher at Stockport Academy comments: “This was a great opportunity for year 10 students to hear about both the recruitment and construction sector first hand from an industry expert and the session was really engaging and educational. It was a real honour for us to welcome Martyn and his presentation certainly inspired the students.”

Martyn adds: “The pupils were really responsive and were keen to get involved. I live in Stockport myself, and believe it’s important to try to help to guide the students on their career path at a local level. This is why I was also keen to take part in the Role Model Event. It was also cathartic for me reflect on those who have contributed in some way to a successful career. The pupils were a great group to work with and I wish them all the best with their studies and onwards.”

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