How do I complete my agency timesheet?

Temporary employees at Ionic Recruitment need to complete paper timesheets to validate the hours or days they have worked for our client and to ensure they are paid at the end of each week.

Completing your timesheet correctly is the most important part of your week! Here’s the best way to ensure you’re paid correctly and on time.

Logging Time

You need to record the time spent on contract on a weekly timesheet. This can be either the number of hours or days depending on the terms of your contract.

When calculating your daily hours always insert the time you started work and the time you finished work accurately, even if you finish at a time past the hour, for example 5.45pm.

Don’t forget to add your lunches! As a legal working requirement you need to take a minimum of 30 minutes for your lunch, so even if you work through your lunch you still need to add it on.


Ensure the information at the top of your timesheet is easy to read, especially your name, to ensure your timesheet is allocated to the right file with the agency.

When you start on a new contract make sure you find out who will be confirming the hours you’ve worked. Once you’ve established the co-signer, they will need to sign your timesheet every week before you send it over to the agency.

Submit your timesheet

Ionic use paper timesheets and you can send your hours in via fax, email or picture message (via Whatsapp or text message) to your consultant or our payroll supervisor.

If you are taking a photo of your timesheet make sure it is taken directly above, contains the whole timesheet and that you can read it once the photo has been taken.

If you are a Limited Company Contractor don’t forget to send an invoice alongside your timesheet!

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Agencies often work to weekly deadlines in order to pay invoices on time.

At Ionic in order to be paid on a Friday, your timesheet for the previous week needs to be in no later than Tuesday at 5pm, to guarantee payment.

If you work via an umbrella company, the agency will pay the umbrella and the umbrella will then forward the payment to you. Alternatively if you are a Limited Company Contractor your payment will come directly from the agency.

Timesheets received after the agency deadline are usually delayed and paid a week later.