What our clients say…

“Kier Living has been working with Ionic Recruitment since 2014.

We are always looking for talented new candidates to join our business and I have been made aware of Ionic Recruitment’s positive reputation in the industry.

Since beginning our business relationship, I have found Ionic to be professional and reliable. They have continually delivered on expectations and I’m pleased that we have secured 3 valuable additions to our team so far.

Ionic Recruitment takes a friendly approach and, unlike other recruiters, they do not bother us with any unwanted contact.  They provide relevant and appropriately qualified candidates, and they are a valued extension to our talent acquisition team.

We will certainly be working with Ionic Recruitment for the foreseeable future.”

Jon R. Managing Director, Kier Living

“At Seddon we took the step to work closely with Ionic as a recruitment partner so that they understand our business and the people we wish to attract.

Such relationships are built on trust. Time invested with Martyn and his team has ensured that we have recruited a number of high calibre construction individuals that have added value and have given us a competitive advantage.

We have worked with Martyn for over 4 years and  will continue to use Ionic Recruitment as we have built solid relationships with the team and firmly believe that they grasp our requirements. Their approach is extremely attentive and professional.

I would recommend Ionic Recruitment to other businesses.”

Peter J. Chief Operating Officer, Seddon Construction Ltd

“I have used Ionic ( and previously decision ) for a number of years now on various contracts supplying Site managers, FLT Drivers and general labourers.

We as a company have used a number of recruitment company’s but I would say Ionic are one of the first I would ring.

I have always found them to be reliable, always able to supply quality operatives and more importantly they are very honest and open.

Their commitment to giving us a reliable service is commendable with just the right amount of regular contact and friendly chats without being too pushy, which to me makes a big difference.”

Paul R. Contracts Manager, Wiggett Construction Ltd

“I have used Ionic soon after the company first started business in 2010.

Keepmoat are always positive in assisting new companies with getting started and assisted Ionic with gaining a place on our PCL.

Since the very first request for labour, Ionic have consistently performed very well in helping us fill both temporary and permanent positions for Construction Staff and Labour. On the rare occasion when they were unable to help, they informed at early stage thus allowing us to go elsewhere and fill the positions in good time. This was refreshing and help to grow and maintain our excellent working relationships with the Ionic team.

Due to their continuous commitment to our company, they are the Recruitment Company of choice and the 1st  to get the call.”

Tim H. Contracts Manager, Keepmoat Regeneration Ltd