5 Things you must include in a Professional Construction CV

With the internet full to the brim with CV writing tutorials, it can be hard to decide who to listen to. We’ve put together an essential Construction CV guide that will apply to you whether you are a Quantity Surveyor, a Tenant Liaison Officer, a Site Engineer or a Health and Safety Advisor.

1. Profile – keep it brief but meaningful!

Otherwise known as your ‘Personal statement’ your profile is the first (and sometimes last thing) the hiring Manager will read. If you had 20 seconds to convince a manager to hire you, what would you say? This is what you should include in your profile.

You should always include:

– skills that are most relevant to the role you are applying for

– personality traits that will benefit the role

– areas or sectors you work in

Be concise, and try and avoid CV cliché’s, to help yourself stand out from the crowd.

2. Skills/Expertise – keep it relevant

List skills that didn’t make it into the profile section and that are beneficial to the role. Keep it precise and bullet pointed to make life easier for the manager reading it.

3. Education/Qualifications – keep it simple

List your relevant education and training courses. It’s not necessary to have every single GCSE or O level grade listed, where a simple summary will do the trick. For example “10 GCSE passes including Maths and English” will be all the Manager will need to know.

4. Experience – keep it consistent with no gaps

Set this out for each role, complete with:

  • Dates of employment
  • Employer name (if you used an agency ensure you use the company name not the agency)
  • Job role
  • Key duties and projects (adapt your duties to fit the role you are applying for, where you can)

Ensure your most recent role is at the top of your work experience, allowing the hiring manager to quickly assess your current employment situation and ensure that any gaps in employment are explained.

5. References – adding names will show you are confident

Pick two superiors from previous working roles for your references and don’t be afraid to name them in your CV! Add their job roles and if you’re not comfortable adding phone numbers just add that ‘contact details are available on request’

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