After the Queen’s speech we reflect on the Conservative government’s investment in the housing market and the effect on apprentices.

George Osborne announced a new ‘Help To Buy’ ISA, where for every £200 a first-time buyer saves towards a home, the Government will give them a £50 top-up. Furthermore, the Government has set a substantial target of building 200,000 new starter homes by 2020 and plans to release public land for the construction of up to 150,000 new homes.

While this is a positive step for ‘generation rent’ (only 1.4 million homeowners in the UK are aged between 25 and 34), the issue for the construction industry will become one of supply and demand. The industry will be expected to demonstrate that it has the capacity to deliver more new homes.

At Ionic, we believe that the Conservative government must now support the construction sector by developing the skills of young apprentices, if they are to accumulate the work force needed to fulfill their promises.

Encouraging higher qualifications could be a positive step for the industry, and this is something which the Conservative government has already promised. The Party has outlined its plans for a ‘Degree Apprenticeships’ initiative. Degree Apprenticeships are designed by businesses, universities and colleges to combine the academic study of a degree with the practical experience of a skilled job.

By providing better training for apprentices, we may see the emergence of a better qualified young workforce that can help the Government build more homes. By introducing a more challenging qualification process for apprentices, we may also see a change in attitude towards construction and what it has to offer.

With the government’s investment in the housing market and promises to bridge the skills gap with the introduction of industry led apprenticeships, now is an opportune time to consider a career as a tradesperson within the construction sector. At Ionic, we are keen to encourage more young people to enter into the industry and progress in their chosen profession.

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