10 Tips to Keep You and Your Office Productive

Life in the office can be nothing but distractions – Jen, our in-house expert of ionic’s new ‘Office Support Division’ gives her fundamental tips to keep you and your team firing on all cylinders

1. Don’t put work off until tomorrow

“Some tasks that only take a few minutes make a big difference to your to do list for tomorrow. Also take 10 minutes at the end of the day to make a plan for the next day. Clear up your desk before you leave and it will give you a fresh page to start on for tomorrow”

2. Break down your jobs, prioritise and plan

“I would be lost without my daily to do list. Prioritise your tasks and make a plan. A big task is as big as you make it. Break it down into chunks of tasks that you can handle and prioritise what’s most important”

3. Set reasonable deadlines

“If you plan impossible tasks with unrealistic deadlines you are planning to fail. Be honest about how long a task will take you and set yourself more manageable deadlines. This way you can complete the task and won’t need to come back to it”

4. New tasks? Fit them into your plan

“If more jobs come in throughout the day ask yourself: how important is this task? Could it be done tomorrow? If it needs to be today where could you fit it into the plan? This will help you stick to your plan you made at the beginning of the day”

5. Rest and refresh

“Try not to take work home with you. Switch off and relax ready for a new day – if you can, get an early night to ensure you are fully refreshed”

6. Go for a walk

“Even if you’re just walking to the shop to go and get some lunch, getting away from the office gives you a chance to clear your head, get some fresh air and evaluate where you’re up to. I like to plan my next steps for the afternoon and come up with some fresh ideas”

7. Keep off social media

“Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are designed to grab your attention, hook you in and get you to comment or share. Remove the distraction and save it for your lunch time”

8. Water for the win

“Don’t get me wrong I love a coffee more than the next person but when it gets to the afternoon and you’re feeling a bit tired, water is brilliant for keeping you alert and energised. It carries oxygen to all the cells in your body, flushes out all your toxins and keeps you looking young. So it’s a win/win really!”

9. Power hour!

“Set a time at the beginning of the day where you blitz your way through as much work as you can. Avoid your emails, keep away from your favourite websites and divert your calls if you can! You’ll be amazed how much work you can get done”

10. Reward hard work

“Whether you’re a manager seeing great work from your staff or if you just see that a colleague has been working really hard, tell them they’re doing well! This might encourage them to do the same for you and ultimately push your whole team to reach the company goal”

About Jen

Our resident Office Support expert Jen joined us back in February and has been making waves recruiting top talent for our clients ever since! With 3 years’ experience in office recruitment, Jen has developed a great understanding of what to look for to fit into your unique office culture and excels at finding the perfect candidate to match.

Jen prides herself on building trusting relationships with both clients and candidates across the UK and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Give Jen a call today on 01925 748 320